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Polyurethane Laminate - PUL

CPSIA Certified - Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act Feb-09

FABUTHANE™ is an aromatic polyether polyurethane film/sheet product, which exhibits excellent hydrolysis and fungus resistance. This combination of properties makes it an excellent choice for applications where high humidity and water exposure are likely along with low air permeability (inflatables).

Resistance to acid and base solutions is also very good. Its melt processing is characterized by a low Melt Flow Rate. It is also formulated with an anti-block additive to allow the film to have good surface slip properties.

...and now in English: PUL is great for waterproofing diaper covers and bibs. It's non-breathable which means your baby's clothes stay dry.


* Coating stretch with all fabrics with complete recovery. Coating will stretch up to 200%

* Highly abrasion resistant (40 times greater than vinyl)

* Burst strength: 100psi PLUS

* Mildew proof

* Waterproof

* Washable and dry cleanable on most fabrics

* Soil wipes off with a damp cloth

* Coating can be sandwiched between two fabrics

1 mil vs. 2 mil.?

* 1 mil is slightly thinner, drapes a little more, and is less water resistant than 2 Mil.

* 2 Mil is a touch thicker, slightly stiffer than 1 Mil and more water resistant.

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